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Tropic Lip Satin

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The Tropic Lip Satin is a gloss that comes in two shades: Nude and Tulip. Its bursting with organic pomegranate , vanilla extracts and grapefruit oils and is 100% organic and natural. Ive chosen this as my first review because I instantly fell in love with it the first time I tried it. The spearmint in it makes your lips tingle when you apply, not in the same way as some of the plump up lip glosses that make your mouth feel like its on fire but in a clean fresh way. It actually feels like you’ve just brushed your teeth. The most annoying thing about wearing lip gloss is the fact that my long hair sticks to it at the slightest gust of wind or bend down to tie my shoes. This lip satin is different. It gives a beautiful glossy shine but isn’t thick and sticky. Both colours are beautiful worn alone or ontop of a lipstick. After eating and drinking, the gloss lasts really well. The essential oils in it make your lips feel soft for hours so it takes a long time to feel like its worn off. It comes in a squeezy tube with shaped nozzle so is perfectly shaped to glide onto your lips. Its £12, so a little more expensive than the cheaper makeup counter in boots but no more than the larger brands like bare mineral and Clinique. But you can really feel what you are getting for your money. I absolutely love this gloss and it has been added to my makeup case for my own personal use and to use on clients. Great product from tropic. To buy some visit